Westfield FD battles Fairgreen house blaze

Westfield Engine Company 3, Ladder Company 8, and District Chief 25 along with mutual aid from surrounding fire departments responded to a residential fire in the Fairgreen Subdivision. Westfield pipemen encountered heavy fire conditions and immediately made entry for an offensive attack.

Marina Sugg, viewing the fire of her friend’s house, commented, “Memorial Day 2024 will be one I think I shall never forget. Sadly, I ended the day at the side of my dear friend and fellow Green Forest Civic Club board member Lucy Alvarez Hernandez watching firefighters entering and exiting the smoldering remains of her home. But for the Grace of God, Lucy, her son, and friend escaped the fire with only what they were wearing.”

Westfield Fire Dept. responded to the 911 call and were able to extinguish the flames before it caused damage to neighboring homes. District Chief Pablo Hinojosa explains in his Facebook post about this fire, how fires starting in the attic can rapidly get out of control. Lucy faces unimaginable challenges in the weeks to come, but with the support and prayers of her family, friends, and neighbors, she will overcome.

Chief Hinojosa said, “Attics are not commonly used as occupied spaces and, as a result, they usually do not have smoke alarms or heat sensors. When a fire occurs in an attic, it is common that it will go unnoticed until smoke or flames, escaping from the roof, are visible from the outside.

“Because they can take longer to detect, attic fires are very dangerous for firefighters and residents alike. The delayed detection allows the fire to become larger in size, ultimately causing more damage. The attic provides the fire with an array of fuel sources like open wood support beams, storage items, and insulation.”

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