Storm Debris Pick Up Update

Residents of Commissioner’s Precinct 1 (El Franco Lee) who still have storm debris to be picked up should call 281-820-5151. Operations Supervisor for Lee, Deotis Gay, informed The News last Friday that Precinct 1 will pick up debris twice a week and will honor specific individual requests for pick up.

David Floyd, Senior Assistant to Precinct 2 Commissioner Jim Fonteno, advised The News, also on Friday, that Precinct 2 will make no more storm debris collections. If you live in Precinct 2 and do not have city heavy trash service, you must arrange and pay for a private contractor to pick up any remaining debris.

Most, but not all of the homes that receive the Northeast News are in Precinct 1. If you are not sure which precinct your home is in call El Franco Lee at 713-755-6111 or Jim Fonteno at 713-755-6220. Their staff members will be able to tell you which precinct you are in based on your street address.