Harris Academy participte in “Make A Difference Day”

The “Make a Difference Day” Food Campaign was a tremendous success for the second year in a row at Harris Academy. With over 900 students participating, the food started to really stack up on the stage where the items were stored. Everything from canned and paper goods to liquid soap and other toiletry items were donated to help fill the shortage at Living Word Fellowship Church’s food pantry, which services the needy families in the area. At the end of the collection drive, the over 2,800 items, almost double that of last year’s food drive, were loaded into 3 trucks and 2 cars and students and school staff climbed in to deliver the much-needed items over to the church. “Congratulations goes to our outstanding boys and girls who really took this project to heart and made it such a success,” said Harris Academy Program Coordinator Denise Butler. “Special recognition also goes Danna Bennett, mom of kindergartner Joe Lewis, who went the extra mile collecting hundreds of donated items from various IIEB Food Pantry stores.” Janiel Adams, Harris Academy Magnet Coordinator added, “This project was a great success and the students really enjoyed participating knowing that they were helping someone in need and that they were doing their part to make a difference in their own community. It also reinforces the school’s focus on community service as a part of being responsible leaders. We have combined this drive with President Bush’s initiative to ask our children to help provide relief for the children of Afghanistan. We are collecting the dollars from our students along with letters written to the children and these will be forwarded to President Bush.”