LOTC Cadets shine at skills competition

Aldine Middle School LOTC cadets recently competed in a skills competition.

They were awarded the following:

1st Place Overall
1st Place Step-team
1st Place Armed Personnel Inspection
1st Armed Regulation Drill
1st Place Unarmed Personnel Inspection
1st Place Unarmed Regulation Drill
1st Place Unarmed Exhibition Drill
1st Place Color-guard
1st Place Knockout Drill-Robert Embody
1st Place Tandem Drill-Justin Carter and Robert Embody
1st Place Male Pushups-Daniel Arroyo
2nd Place Female Setups-Rene Uriostegui
3rd Place Female Setups-Martha Monsivais

LOTC Sponsors at Aldine Middle School are Gunnery Sgt. John Peoples and Petty Officer Clyde Nelms.
Pictured from left to right: Back Row: Justin Carter, Javier Perez, Anna Nunez, James Vigil, Domianque Maxwell, Anun Rasbi, Natasha Cosine, Rene Uriostegul, Sophia Deleon, Irvin Garcia, Dajuan Leonard, Robert Embody. Seated: Left to Right:Geraldo Jimenez, Oscar Servin, Magaly Zuniga, Judith Ochoa and Martha Monsivais.