New sales tax rate effective January 1 in Aldine Community Improvement District

On January 1 most businesses in the Aldine area began collecting an additional 1% sales tax on products and taxable services sold within the boundaries of the new Aldine Community Improvement District.

‘The State Comptroller’s Office began notifying businesses of the change in the sales tax rate in early December,” said Clyde Bailey, chairman of the District’s Board of Directors and owner of Jed’s Ace Home Center at 5415 Aldine Mail Route. “However, we’ve received many direct calls for more information and clarification of the District’s boundaries.”

The District encompasses territory that is in Harris County but outside the city limits of Houston. Its boundaries roughly comprise Aldine Bcnder Road/FM 525 on the north, Hardy Toll Road on the west, portions of Lone Oak, Little York, Sagebrush, Bentley and Langley on the south, and parts of Hirsch Road and Homestead on the east.

Voters in the District approved the new sales tax rate in an election held in August 2001.

Merchants and service providers doing business within the District’s boundaries will collect up to a maximum 8.25% tax on taxable transactions. This maximum is made up of the 6.2% sales tax rate charged by the State, the new 1% tax charged by Aldine Community Improvement District, and, in most cases, a 1% tax for METRO. There are a few areas in the District east of U. S. 59 that do not participate in METRO and thus do not collect the METRO tax. Businesses with questions about the new sales tax may contact the District’s administrator, Hawes Hill & Associates, at 713-541-0447 to obtain a map and more information.

Created by the State Legislature in 2001, Aldine Community Improvement District will use the sales tax proceeds to finance public projects to improve economic development and enhance the quality of life of the Aldine area.