Teachers of the Year selected at Carmichael Elementary

Carmichael Elementary at 6902 Silver Star, has elected its outstanding teacher of the year in three different categories.

The building Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Mary Hernandez. Mrs. Hernandez is a very special Kindergarten teacher and we are privileged to have her on our staff. Her philosophy of teaching is simple, “Plant the seed and fill the vessel.” Being a firm believer in hands on projects, you might see her students sewing, cooking, planting, painting, singing, dancing and putting on plays. Mrs. Hernandez, also serves on many committees here at Carmichael. Whatever she may be involved with, Mrs. Hernandez gives 110%!

Mrs. Garza is our First Grade Bilingual Teacher of the Year. Her philosophy of teaching is, every student can learn as long as they put forth an effort. “Education takes a lot of parental involvement for children to be successful.” She maintains an open door policy in her classroom where parents feel comfortable coming in to visit and conference with her about their students.

Mrs. Flores is our ESL Teacher of the Year. Whenever you step into her classroom, her students are engaged and actively learning. Her philosophy of teaching is to provide an environment where all students who want to learn, can learn. She believes in respecting each student as an individual who has many goals and talents. Her job is to develop that in her students.