Toy Story 2 on ice, March 20-24

Hold on! They’re coming! The easy-going cowboy Woody and high-flying space ranger Buzz Lightyear are back in town in Disney On Ice presents Disney/PIXAR ‘s Toy Story 2. This live, all new, all skating, comedy-action-adventure visits Houston from March 20 to March 24, performing for 8 engagements at Compaq Center.

The toys from Andy’s room Woody, Buzz, Hamm, Slinky® Dog, Rex and others — are sent into a panic when they learn Andy’s mom is planning a dreaded event…, a yard sale. The heroic Woody rescues Wheezy the Penguin, but is abducted by Al, the nefarious proprietor of Al’s Toy Barn. Al recognizes the sheriff as a valuable collectable and plans to sell Woody and the rest of the Roundup Gang—sidekick Cowgirl Jessie, loyal steed Bullseye, and Prospector Pete — to a far-away toy museum at a big price. Woody is torn between leaving behind Buzz and the rest of the plastic posse, or returning to Andy. It’s up to the intrepid space ranger to lead the mission save his friend and to show the confused cowboy that the greatest value for a toy is the love of a child. Toy Story 2 promises to take audiences — TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!