Grantham students help with clean up

Grantham Academy students participating in Trashbash 2002, an environmental clean-up along the shoreline of Lake Houston, are in back, L-R Jarvis Smith and Kristyn Scott; in the middle, L-R, Mireya Franklin, Tiffany Ferguson, Jessica Lopez, Mrs. Taylor, Nicholas Malone, Kenneth Broady, and Malia LaSoy’a. Kneeling in front is Danny Malone, Jr.

On a Saturday in March, students from Grantham Academy of Engineering in Aldine ISD participated in 2002 Rivers, Lakes, Bays ‘N Bayous Trash Bash. The “Trash Bash” is an annual environmental clean up at Lake Houston and other surrounding waterways. It is sponsored by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission and various businesses.

Students gave up their Saturday to volunteer in this annual community event that was located at the Lake Houston Marina. The students along with several adult sponsors were dropped off by boat at a selected spot along the shore of Lake Houston to pick up plastics, paper, and aluminum cans. After the clean up, the students and volunteers were treated to a live band performance, T-shirts, free lunch, fun and educational activities and give-a-way prizes at Lake Houston Marina.

One of the goals at Grantham Academy is to produce productive and caring citizens. By encouraging the students to become active volunteers this effort also contributed to the improvement of the environment in Houston. Additionally, it provides an awareness of one of our most valued resources- “Water”.

The Grantham sponsors at the event were Mrs. Taylor, a counselor at Grantham, and Ms. Johnson, a science teacher. Students who participated were Kenneth Broady, Tiffany Ferguson, Mireya Ferguson, Malia LaSoy’a, Jessica Lopez, Danny Malone, Nicholas Malone, Kristyn Scott, and Jarvis Smith. Thank you all for making our community a better place.