Families Under Urban & Social Attack works to increase Food Stamp participation through outreach effort

Only one of three Texans who qualifies for Food Stamps actually receives Food Stamps.

Texas’ low participation rate results in unnecessary hunger and deprives working Texans of needed financial help. Participation in the Food Stamp program allows Texans to receive other services, including free nutrition education classes. New eligibility criteria make it easier for working Texans to receive nutrition assistance through the Food Stamp program, for example:
Food Stamp participants can now own a vehicle worth up to $15,000.

Phone interviews are available to Texans who work or have other barriers that make it difficult to come to a DHS office.

The Texas Department of Human Services contracts with the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies (TAQAA) to conduct Food Stamp outreach across Texas.

One of those agencies is Families Under Urban & Social Attack, a non-profit corporation that works with potential food stamp recipients to complete applications and obtain necessary documentation.
FUUSA takes its outreach program to a variety of locations in Harris and Montgomery Counties including Nueva Casa de Amigos, West End Multi-Purpose Center, Eastside Clinic, Bayou City Clinic, Humble Area Assistance Ministries, Metropolitian Assistance Ministries, Ripley House and the YMCA on Navigation.

While FUUSA does not actually certify applicants to receive food stamps, they can help people meet the qualification requirements through coaching and other assistance.

For information about FUUSA and the food stamp assistance program, please call 713-651-1470.