Hambrick students make a big statement at the Aldine Language Fair

Hambrick Middle language fair winners show off their trophies after a successful language fair

Claiming more than 22 awards in nine different categories, Hambrick ESL (English as a Second Language) students are walking tall. The Language Fair is a competition among students whose native language is something other than English. Students compete in cultures and social studies, grammar, poetry, spelling and public speaking. Some put together skits. Others can let their art talents shine through posters.

Teacher sponsors, Vicki Duncan, Gloria Muti, Mimi Martinez and Pat Stanton all expressed a great deal of pride in this year’s student performances. The teachers have worked with the children all year long, sharpening English language skills that allowed them to compete.

Among the 22 awards, there were several first place finishers. These included Maria Alfonso who took first place in the Level 1 Cultural test. Aquillino Ramirez also took first place in the Level 3 Cultural test. Other big winners included Alma Hurtado and Isabel Olivas in the area of Grammar. Sandra Becerra took first place in Level 3 Sight Reading and Anna Orozco claimed the top honor in controlled speaking. Many of these students who competed will soon moving out of the ESL category as they head to 9th grade. Learning a new language is tough. Taking the new language and excelling in competition is a tremendous accomplishment.

Culture Test
Level 1
1st place, Maria Alfaro
Level 2
2nd place, Ana Rosa Ramirez
3rd place, Mario Pineda
Level 3
1st place, Aquilino Ramirez

Grammar Test
1st place, Alma Hurtado
2nd place, Ana Orozco
Level 3
1st place, Isabel Olivas
3rd place, Jose Cruces

Level 3
4th place, Jose Cruces

4th place, Lucero Garcia
Level 3
2nd place, Aracely Martinez

As a group, the following students placed 3rd in the Skit category: Ana Rosa Ramirez, Charityn Trejo, Rosa Velazquez, and Maria Guadalupe Velazquez

We also had a 4th place in the skit category: these students are: Anna Orozco, Jessica Gallegos, Jessica Trejo, and Carmen Villeda.

Controlled Speaking
1st place, Anna Orozco
place, Alma Hurtado

Extemporaneous Speaking
Level 1
1st place, Luis Gomez
4th place, Jessica Espinosa
Level 2
4th place, Maria Velasquez
Level 3
3rd place, Gustavo Quinteros

Sight Reading
Level 3
1st place, Sandra Becerra
3rd place, Mayra Garcia

Posters – The winners for the posters in the Cultural Category and Promotional Category will be announced at later time per ESL Coordinator’s decision. The results were submitted to us on Tuesday morning, May 14.

For Cultural Poster 4th place, Hugo Reyna