Yipppeeeee! You all will never guess what your ole wrangler went and done! Last weekend, I went an got hitched! Yep. Swore I’d never do THAT again, but the cutest little filly you ever saw plum stole my heart and we went and done it! In case you can’t tell, I am one happy buckaroo!

The Boss at the newspaper said he’d put a pitcher of “Miss Judy” in the paper for you all to see, (but try and have one of just her). Well, I can’t say as I blame him there, so he may have a pitcher of her somewhere in this paper for you to see. She’s a school marm and will be retirin’ in May after twenty nine years in the Tyler/Kilgore area. (If you see us out somewhere, don’t tell her how worthless I am, as I would like to keep her!)

Well, I no sooner headed back to Houston from Tyler than I had to drive to San Antonio Monday night. Well, you guessed it, the ice storm hit while I was gettin’ there and the storm froze the whole darn city. I-10 from San Antone to Fort Stockton was closed till Wednesday. Boy, did I miss my new bride back in Tyler, where she was froze in, too. She stayed cause she had to finish teaching those kids this semester.

There’s a lot goin’ on you might want to note, such as March 2nd bein’ Texas Independence Day, the day Texas declared her independence from Mexico. We’ll be up in good ole Luckenbach performing and getting’ re-hitched for some of my pards who couldn’t come to the weddin’. If you don’t have nothing to do come on up! Good music, great folks and lotsa fun all day Saturday in Luckenbach, Texas!

Please, don’t forget March 6th. That’s a very special day in our Texas history and very important to your wrangler, as I am a relative of Davy Crockett. March 6th, 1836, the day that the fortress Alamo fell. My eyes well up and my heart swells every March 6th, as I remember the sacrifice of those brave souls who gave us the gift of their lives so that we could have the great State of Texas. God Bless the defenders of the Alamo!

Then, later in the month, there is a great day of free family fun down in Wharton, called Shanghai Days. That’s only about an hour south of here on highway 59. Starts at about ten thirty and it’s a whole day of cowboy singin’, storytellin’, poetry, ropin’, gunfights, fiddlin’ contests, food, crafts and so much more you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Trust your pard and don’t miss this one, rain or shine!

I wish I had more space to talk to you all. Maybe we could have another little show in Crosby some evening where we could have us a good time and enjoy some stories and stuff! I may try and see about that. How’s that sound to you all? Let me know.

Well, I see Charlie left the darn gate open again (they must not teach that in Georgia)!

You all have a good time this weekend and come up to Luckenbach, if’n you get a chance, and, ‘till we meet again, Happy Trails, Lloyd