Double killing on Lynette Street

Police are investigating a double homocide that occured last Saturday morning, about 2:30 am, in the 7900 block of Lynette, near the corner of Ley Road and N. Wayside. Dead were Eric and Brandi Boutee, a young couple with outstanding plans for the future, according to family and friends.

Investigators said that the couple, in separate cars, pulled into their driveway and were accosted by two men who were robbing their house. The woman, Brandi Cooper-Boutee, 21, was killed almost immediately as she sat in her car. Her husband, Eric Boutee, 23, was taken into the house while it was ransacked, and then killed execution style outside. He was shot in the back of the head. Reportedly the two black men were carrying a .22 rifle and a shotgun.

Then the two men fled on foot, according to police and witnesses. The couple had been married about a year, and the woman was pregnant, according to the family. Anyone with information is asked to call the police, at 713-308-3600.