NorthEast has the best luck, it seems…

Gambers in NorthEast Houston have had a remarkable run of winnings recently. Two stories out of many more, illustrate the point that we seem to have the Golden Touch in this area. Here are the stories:

Humble man claims $37mil Jackpot in new Lotto Game

HUMBLE— In the hopes of funding a new school, David Kelly, 37, bought 20 Quick Pick tickets for the first Lotto Texas™ drawing, and ended up winning a $37 million jackpot. His matching ticket makes him the first winner of the new Lotto Texas game that was changed in May. Kelly claimed $24, 211,786, the Cash Value Option sum, at Texas Lottery™ headquarters in Austin.

“In addition to David’s impressive $37 million jackpot, 118,000 other winners won nearly $800,000 in additional prizes in Saturday’s game, which shows just how winnable the new Lotto Texas is,” said Reagan E. Greer, Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director. “We’ve averaged 83,399 matching tickets per drawing, and we’re hoping those players who haven’t yet tried the new game will take notice of all the winners this weekend and take a chance with this week’s drawings.”

Kelly, a northeast Houston resident, said that while he occasionally plays Texas Lottery games, he intentionally bought 20 tickets for Saturday’s drawing after learning more about the possibility of helping a few friends open a school.

“I told one of my friends that I needed to win the Lottery if I was going to be able to do something about opening a school,” explained Kelly. With his winnings, he said he hopes he’ll be able to help the community and the children in that area.

Kelly purchased the winning ticket at Texas Star Stop, located at 15415 Eastex Fwy., in Humble. The retailer is eligible for a 1 percent bonus of $370,000 for selling the winning ticket. The winning numbers were 31—06—25—05—44, and the bonus ball was 27.

Crosby Woman wins $1+mil in Biloxi Casino

BILOXI– Nancy Moss’ “pit stop” in Biloxi at the President Casino landed her $1,009,960.55 on the Wheel of Fortune® quarter dollar progressive slot machine.

Moss said she had never played the Wheel of Fortune® progressive slot machines before but “loves the TV show and since no one was around, I decided to give it a try.”

From Crosby, Texas, Moss and her family decided to stop at the President Casino in Biloxi for the evening as it’s the half-way point to her father’s house in Georgia. Moss picked her machine and jokingly asked her husband and family to leave as they were “bringing me bad luck.” Only minutes after her husband and family left her side, Moss hit the jackpot. At first she thought her machine was broken, then was shocked to realize what she had won. Six other previous winners were recently announced, bringing the total MegaJackpots™ winnings to just over $25 million in the Biloxi/Gulfport area since May 14, This is the second jackpot in one month on the Wheel of Fortune® progressive slot machines. Moss had played approximately $40 before hitting the MegaJackpots™ bonanza.

With her winnings, Moss plans to open her own business – it’s something she’s always wanted to do. “This will make life more comfortable” Moss said. The Wheel of Fortune® machine is based on the popular television game show, “Wheel of Fortune®.” The jackpot is paid when a player plays the maximum bet ($.75) and lines up all three winning symbols on the appropriate pay line. After the jackpot is verified, the Wheel of Fortune meter is reset at $200,000, The Wheel of Fortune is one of 15 Mississippi MegaJackpots’ systems operated by IGT, a world leader in the manufacturing of gaming machines and proprietary software for progressive gaming systems. All TGT MegaJackpots™ awards are paid in annual installments upon verification, except MegaJackpots Instant Winners jackpots and Rapid Riches MegaJackpots awards, which are paid in their entirety upon verification. Wheel of Fortune® is a registered trademark of Califon Production Inc.