Welcome back, y’all. Hope the week has been a good ‘un for ya. Well, it’s summer time, and the heat is here. Remember not that long ago when it was cold and rainy and you wished for the warm weather? Uh Huh. The coastal plains are a real joy in the summer.

I was drivin’ in to work on Monday and past the “Three Musketeers” walkin’ on the side of the road. I’m referin’ to the three beautiful ladies who walk most mornings along the highway 90 feeder near 2100. They always have a smile, and big sticks! Howdy, Ladies.

For those of you still urging me to run against Gene “The WEENIE” Green for Congress, the answer is still no. I’m afraid I would win and then I couldn’t call those scoundrels to task each week in Horsefeathers! However, each of you have the opportunity to tell him how you feel at the voting booth, so VOTE!

The shindig at Lyin’ Larry’s with my ol pard, Doug Supernaw, was a great time with a lot of smooooth dancin’ by Larry and Donna. Great job, Larry, do it again!

I’d appreciate you all rememberin’ our friends Mike and Val of Lonestar Catfish and Ribs, who were forced to shut the doors of their delicious establishment. I know they will hit the ground runnin’, cause you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down for very long! We love you guys!

I’m thinkin’ of bringin “A Cowboy True” to the Crosby area in the near future, if you all would be interested. It will be different, yet the same, and just as good. The entertainers will knock your socks off! Cost will be $8.00 to $10.00 per ticket. So stay tuned!

I will be leaving this weekend for the Academy of Western Artists Awards Show in Ft. Worth with Miss Judy. We’ll get to see some of my ol pards like Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail, Red Steagall, R.W Hampton and a herd of others. I’ll tell them you all said howdy. I hope to bring back some good pictures and share them with you. I‘ll try to get the Head Wrangler at the newspaper will let me run them for you.

The house buildin’ is goin’ slow, but sure at the Rancho Pequito. Hope to be in soon. When we do, I’ll have a house warmin’ and you’re all invited! (Hope Miss Judy approves)! The horses will be glad to meet some new folks, too.

I am plannin’ to have a “Cowboy Kids Poetry Contest” for all the kids in 4th, 5th and 6th grades in the area. That means the Crosby, Baytown, Galena Park and Channelview school districts can enter. The winners will receive some neat prizes and awards, as well as recognition for the schools and classes who participate. All you teachers give us an email this summer and get a head start for your kids. Miss Judy just retired after 29 years teaching 3rd and 5th grades and she can answer all your questions. Our email is lloydshelby@ev1.net . You can also contact us through the website, www.paintedwordstudios.com.

Gladys Adcox, “Granny”, suggested I not feed my horses too much or I’d get even more bow-legged. Sorry, Granny, too late!

Howdy, to all my pards whose names I didn’t mention. Gotta go shut gate, cause I saw Gene “The WEENIE” Green sneakin’ in.

Till later,
Just a Ridin’,