Stolen Christmas toys recovered on Aldine Bender

Cedrick Edmonson

By P. J. Williams
NORTHEAST– When the Grinch stole Christmas in Houston, he hid the toys at the Haverstock Hill Apartments in the 5600 block of Aldine Bender.
Police recovered approximately $3,000 worth of toys there after they arrested Cedrick Edmonson 25, who gave a written statement admitting his involvement in the theft. Edmonson then led police to the toys hidden at his girlfriend’s apartment.

The toys were stolen Monday, Nov. 24 after Edmonson, a cab driver, was hired to deliver them to the home of a sick child. Steven Rael, a 13-year-old suffering from terminal bone cancer, received the toys in a Toys “R” Us shopping spree from Texas Wishing Well. Rael was the first applicant to the charitable organization that provides toys to seriously-ill children.
Rael bought all the toys he had wanted including an X-Box,Playstation 2, and Scoobie Doo toys.
Edmonson was present during the shopping spree because he volunteers for the organization. He seemed sympathetic and offered to transport the toys in his cab. On the drive, Edmonson lost Rael’s family in traffic.
Rael waited at home for hours thinking that perhaps Edmonson was caught in traffic, got lost, or had a wreck. But the cab with the toys never arrived.
When first questioned, Edmonson told the police that he was carjacked on the way to Rael’s home and all the toys were stolen. However, he had a cell phone with him and did not call the police to report the incident.
At the time of the theft, Edmonson was employed by the Liberty Cab Co. When they learned of what had happened, the taxi company donated $3,000 to replace the stolen toys.
Edmonson was arrested Dec. 1 on outstanding warrants unrelated to the theft. He later admitted his involvement in the toy theft, was charged with a felony, and is being held without bail. If convicted, he could receive up to two years in a state jail.