Aldine I.D. studies new water and sewer lines for district

ALDINE– The Improvement District continues to make progress on their goal of a water and sewer plan for the area, to be implemented by the year 2020.

The District is planning to spend approximately 250 million dollars on new water and sewer lines, according to AID President Clyde Bailey. This will include a new 24” water line looping through the area to feed smaller distribution lines, and a new sewer line that will eventually hook up with either the City’s sewage plants, such as the one at Hirsch and Beltway 8, or smaller package plants built throughout the area.

At their meeting on Jan. 20th, the AID board heard an update report from Water Engineers, Inc., who are working on the plans to meet government requirements.

The goal is to have all surface water, to replace wells and subsurface sources, as follows:

30% by year 2010
70% by year 2020
80% by year 2030

Bailey has noted that the sewer and water lines will be a catalyst for renewal and reinvestment in the Aldine area.

“We need adequate water and sewer along the 59 corridor. This will bring business back,” Bailey is quoted as saying.

In a related development, last week Congressman Chris Bell announced new funding totaling over $63 million for flood relief in areas of North Houston.