Three youths shot during car break-ins

An Aldine-area resident took the law into his own hands early Friday morning when he heard someone breaking into his neighbors’ vehicles.

The robbery and shooting occured in the 1600 block of Debeney, near Aldine-Westfield and Aldine Mail, at about 3 a.m.

A group of five teens broke the rear window of a van and stole a large set of speakers and tools from a car, when Cidello, Jr. came out with his shotgun to investigate.

Cidello fired his weapon at the group, who escaped in a stolen Nissan Sentra which became bullet-ridden during the encounter.

Sheriff’s deputies recovered the speakers and other tools in the car that was left at the hospital.

Three of the five, a female and two males, suffered minor gunshot wounds that were not serious. The group drove themselves to Houston Community Hospital where their injuries were treated before the teens were released into police custody. Police are still searching for the two teens who were not injured and escaped.

Cidello was not charged in the incident, but authorities indicated they may refer the case to a grand jury for determination on the shooting.