An Idyllic Morning!

It is early morning on a mid-May Monday and I am sitting on a cement bench next to our fishpond overlooking the river Coal. Yes, it is an idyllic morning as many mornings are in this part of Coal River and West Virginia. It is about 6:15 a. m. (I am an early to bed and early to rise person) and Maggie, our Old English Sheepdog is sitting at my side. We are waiting for the early morning light to get a little brighter before we head for the riverbank where I plan to cut some weeds.

This is going to be a beautiful day from the looks of the sky. The sun is beginning to show itself and there is a cool breeze blowing. The animals are enjoying it as well. The river Coal is moving slower this morning after being higher for a day or two. It is now at near normal stage.

A mother mallard is swimming by down below followed by five very young ducklings. They add to the idyllic scene. There is usually a drake following but I see none this day. Dad may still be sleeping.

A little further upriver a gander is honking. This Canada goose is making a lot of noise and he may be looking for a mate. Most of the females are paired off and he may be out of luck for this season. It always seems that several ganders never get hitched each season. They really let you know their plight with the honking. These geese are messy in the yard but are beautiful moving on the water. Our Maggie keeps them out of the yard when she is outside with Linda or me.

When we put in the fishpond I built an elevated area for a waterfall and it must be full of ground squirrel homes this year. They are constantly moving about. I can see three currently. One came out of the foliage a few minutes ago about four feet from me. He/she took one look at me and scurried back. There is one at the top of the waterfall looking over at Maggie and me now but doesn’t seem too concerned. Playful “Skip” and “Dales” they are!

The larger squirrels are around as well. One is eating something Linda put out on the back deck railings. I have seen two or three running along the riverbank. They are all far enough away we are of no concerned. Maggie enjoys chasing the squirrels. That’s exactly what she does, chase, but never catches.

We have about 25 or 30 fish in our pond and Charlie (or Charlene), a Koi, is moving about swiftly on this early morn. That fish is the eldest we have. It is about twenty inches long now and has been with us for 7-10 years. It isn’t necessary to feed these koi or the goldfish but Linda does frequently in the summer to enjoy them more.

The birds are chirping away as the morning light spreads and I see a fish jumping from the Coal every now and then. It truly is an idyllic morn. We have two or three bird feeders spread around the property and we enjoy them eating as we watch through the kitchen window. For three or four years we had many yellow finches that came by everyday but last year they were scarce. But, we have many others. I hope they return this year.

This writer has had many opportunities to travel around these United States and the world. I can’t say I have ever been anywhere where some beauty couldn’t be found. In many cases it isn’t a matter of being more beautiful than somewhere else, merely a different beauty. There is a beauty in these hills and mountains. Come visit where greenery abounds.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my West Virginia home!