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Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers . . .

It is Memorial Day weekend and my American Flag is flying, how about yours?

Cut down the briar patch this morning as all of the blackberries have been picked, pecked and eaten by us and the birds. That old Four Dog will take a tomato off the vine but he ain’t touched those berries with the briars. But he will eat them all day as long as you throw them to him. I even had the Mrs. back there with me this morning working. She would take the iron rake and pull the briars over while I was on the other side cutting them. Needless to say, we got our workout for the day as that was one huge briar patch. Had a rabbit in there the last few days. Four Dog was about to go nuts when he would see the rabbit. I finally let Four out the back door this morning, not worried that he would catch the rabbit.

The Mrs. normally sleeps in on this day but I woke her up early this morning on purpose. That crazy woman came home yesterday with two kittens. TWO OF THEM. I was not even asked. I told her she’s loosing it. I fussed, discussed and cussed but it did no good, the cats stay. In one ear and out the other. She has it in her mind that she is going to do as she well pleases and that’s that. Danged old female woman.

Anyway, I grabbed those kittens early this morning and placed them on the bed by her. I told her she needs to get it up off of it and take care of her baby kittens. That did the trick. The kittens are brother and sister just like the last two we had; only we have Boots left and he’s older than dirt. That’s why I didn’t want any kittens because they will be messing with my Kitty Boots. Much less anything else that eats or poops.

She has not named the kittens yet but I’m just libel to give them names and I can guarantee you she will not like it. How about one called Kitty and the other called Cat? How about Charlie and Rosetta? George and Bush? Putty and Tat? Me and Ow?

I get all sorts of email at the house, lots of jokes, cartoons, etc. One item that came from Mauriceville, Texas was words of wisdom and no, I ain’t taking up poetry.

Life is not like a box of chocolates

It is more like a jar of jalapenos

What you do today could burn your butt tomorrow.

I get reminded of that every time I eat a jalapeno pepper.