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Improvement District sees opportunity for Urban Park on Lauder Road

The Aldine Improvement District unveiled at last Thursday’s North Houston Business Luncheon, the latest of two plans that are being developed for the flood retention site along Green’s Bayou where the West Fork joins.

As seen in the accompanying map to the left, the park would encompass about 100 acres, and would be termed a “wet bottom” retainage basin. Lauder Road is at the bottom of the map, and Greens Bayou across the top. At the right is JFK Boulevard, and on the left Aldine-Westfield. Crowley Park is farther east along the Bayou, and might eventually be linked to this park.

However, this would provide opportunities for recreation, with two small lakes shown, that might incorporate fishing docks and small boat usage. In addition, the wet areas shown in the map include something termed a “doggy pool,” an unusual exercise facility for thosedogs who naturally enjoy or require swimming in a body of water, something that can be difficult in the city.

At the bottom of the map are shown several types of ball fields, soccer, baseball/softball, and tennis courts. Adjacent to these is an extensive parking area. In addition, there would be picnic areas, walking and bike trails, and viewing areas.

AID chairman Clyde Bailey has suggested that a site might also be found for a community building in the vicinity of the park.