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Police Task Force sweeps Aldine crime areas

As darkness fell Saturday evening, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department quietly moved a mobile command station into an area near Aldine-Westfield and Aldine Mail. Placed far from the roadway between buildings, it remained unnoticed by most area residents. Dispatchers from the Sheriff’s Department were able to work from the remote location communicating with law enforcement officers working in a targeted zero tolerance task force.
State Representative Kevin Bailey requested several months ago that the Texas Department of Public Safety join with Harris County Sheriff’s Department in conducting a combined law enforcement operation. DPS responding to the request joined local deputies in a task force that focused on the unincorporated area of North Houston south of Aldine Bender. The task force focused on drug trafficking locations, gang activity, illegal weapon’s offenses, gambling, auto thefts, and illegal drinking at after hours bars.

“The impact of the Task Force is significant, 14 felony arrests, 18 misdemeanor arrests, 10 DWI arrests along with illegal narcotics and guns being seized,” said Rep. Kevin Bailey. “Search warrants were executed at four illegal game rooms resulting in over confiscation of more than $17,000, several hundred gambling machines and multiple arrests for possession of gambling devices.”
The intense policing task force that was months in the making was overseen by Lt. Jesse Inocencio of Humble District II substation. Under his command was a force of 39 officers including DPS Sgt. Ken Tuck, 10 state troopers and specialized units.
“In one area residents went out into the streets to thank the officers for being in their community. In another community they were able to target a long suspected drug house. It resulted in the seizure of illegal drugs including heroin and cocaine and the arrests of four individuals,” said Rep. Kevin Bailey. “I certainly share my constituents’ appreciation for a job well done.”
Specialized DPS units from other areas of the state supported the local sheriff’s deputies and DPS officer. The joint task force resulted in 233 traffic stops, 211 citations, 82 warnings, 18 misdemeanor arrests, 14 felony arrests, 10 DWI arrests and responding to 70 calls for service.
Rep. Kevin Bailey said, “Since the East Aldine Management District is hiring additional deputies for a proactive law enforcement program, they will be providing an ongoing program of aggressive enforcement to keep these criminals out of our communities.” The East Aldine Management District was created legislatively by Rep. Bailey in 2001 and currently employees full-time three deputies. The new proactive program will employee an additional sergeant and four deputies.
The combined task force of more than 30 law enforcement officers and support personnel included the patrol units, K-9 units, Auto Theft and Vice and Narcotics Division. Local deputies participating in the task force included Deputy brook Viningre from the East Aldine Management District and Deputy R. DeLeon from the Airline Improvement District.

Article by Arlene Nichols, District Director, Rep. Kevin Bailey, District 140