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Mac Arthur students receive scholarships

At a recognition ceremony at Hinojosa E/CPK Center on Wednesday, May 18, 2011, six graduates from Hinojosa EC/PK Center, now young ladies studying at MacArthur high school, received scholarships.
Each student received $500 scholarship that will help them pay part of their expenses at the university they plan to attend.
These scholarships are part of a program that Hinojosa Center has: within the program, teachers from Hinojosa keep track of their students all the way to high school. “All year long teachers check on them to make sure they made it through,” said Sandra Arredondo, principal at Hinojosa EC/PK Center. “All these ladies went to Hinojosa 14 years ago, and now they are seniors at MacArthur.”
For next year, 190 students have been identified already who will be seniors at MacArthur. “This year, we helped 150 Hinojosa bears that were at MacArthur,” said Arredondo. “We want them to accomplish their dreams, go to the university and come back to this community to do wonderful things.”
At the ceremony, Hinojosa center also recognized community partners who had help them in some way or other in the past and the present.
One of the partners to be recognized was East Aldine Managment District for the improvements to the community such as side walks and a water fountain outside the school.
Northeast News was also recognized for covering schools news.