Rep. Armando Walle begins third term in Texas House

Rep. Armando Walle accompanied by his family the day he swears in for his third term.

Walle makes reversing Republican cuts to education and health care top priority

AUSTIN – State Representative Armando Walle (D-Houston) was sworn in to his third term in the Texas House of Representatives as the 83rd Texas Legislature convened at the Texas Capitol on Tuesday, January 8.

As with every legislative session, the state budget and its main drivers of education and health care will be a focal point for legislators. “Education is always one of my top priorities, and that starts with fully funding our school finance system by undoing Gov. Perry’s education cuts. It also means ensuring that more students and their families can afford higher education.” Rep. Walle continued, “Between the Comptroller’s Biennial Revenue Estimate and the $11.8 billion in our Rainy Day Fund, I know we have the ability to make this happen.”

“While we’ll miss the experience and leadership of my veteran legislative colleagues who have moved on,” said Rep. Walle, “I look forward to getting to know and working together with our new members to make Texas better for our children.”

“Budgetary tricks like leaving $5 billion in Medicaid payments for the next legislature are among the many reasons why I did not vote in favor of that budget,” said Rep. Walle. “With nearly a quarter of Texas uninsured, including over one million people in Harris County alone, the new legislature must stop playing games like these with our neighbors’ health and well-being. Despite the Governor’s pledge to do otherwise, my colleagues and I will work hard to expand Medicaid access for Texans.”