Aldine EF breakfast kicks off second year of fundraising

Keynote Speaker Scott McClelland

The Aldine Education Foundation held a “kick-off” breakfast last Wednesday morning, to start the second year of their fundraising for scholarships and teacher grants for the Aldine ISD.

Moderated by Terry Williams and Seth Sharr, the audience was reminded of the progress that the foundation has made in just one year of existence, receiving over $732,000 in pledges and donations, and granting 35 scholarships and 5 innovative teaching grants. In addition, the AEF has merged with the ASF, or Aldine Scholarship Foundation, and is now providing more choices and opportunities for graduating seniors as they plan their college selections. Together in May they awarded 139 scholarships.

The breakfast program included a keynote talk by Scott McClelland, the H.E.B. Houston president, well known for his clever TV commercials. H.E.B. has been involved for many years in supporting education, and McClelland’s talk was about the importance of completing a good education, through high school, and entering the job market with needed skills.

In addition, the breakfast featured talks by several recipients of scholarships, and teacher grants.

Herbert Ash was an at-risk student who thanked his Eisenhower/Victory Early College advisor, Gerald Scott, for guiding him out of trouble. He is now a student at Lone Star College, thanks he said, to his scholarship and “the blessing of having someone close that cares.”

Two teachers spoke about the value to their grants, Michaelann Kelley on the importance of art as a “life discipline,” and Cathy Roach on her weight-loss program, featured on TV’s “The Biggest Loser.”