Bus Ridership on Route 59 up, METRO will run more often

East Aldine District has been advised by METRO that ridership on its Route 59 busline, running on Aldine Mail Route and Airline, and connecting with Routes 6, 56 and 83, has experienced incremental increases in ridership. Boardings in October of this year averaged over 300 per day, almost to the goal of 315 that METRO and EAMD have set for the line in a series of planning sessions throughout last year.

Due to this increase, and the smaller buses that have been assigned, METRO has decided that they will increase the frequency of the runs to a 30 minute departure schedule.

According to Metro’s Jose Pulido, this schedule change will take effect on January 27, 2014.

EAMD director of services Richard Cantu stated that this was good news for residents of East Aldine, and forsaw the day when numbers would be even higher, when the new District Town Center and the Lone Star College campus were completed on Aldine Mail Route. At that time the bus service would be an important part of the overall community service plan.