Airline District breaks ground for major project

Representatives of the Texas Department of Transportation

Airline Improvement District hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for sidewalks and roadway projects on Airline Drive and other district’s streets last Tuesday, April 22.

The groundbreaking “is the result of 5 years of patient, hard work and persistence,” said Airline District Executive Director Teri Koerth. “This project is a signal of change, improvement and revitalization for the area.”

Everything started in 2008 when the District provided the 50 % matching grant for a pedestrian study which was completed on March of 2009 and its purpose was to evaluate the existing conditions and major corridors in the district, provide recommendations that will improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in this busy commercial area to normalize the flow of traffic.

Funds for the design and construction of these projects come from the Galveston Area Council Transportation program and other portions from the Airline District, which total $3.5 million dollars for these projects, said Koerth.

The projects will include:

Airline Drive Sidewalks from E. Canino Road to W. Gulf Bank

E. Canino Road Sidewalks from Airline Drive to Nordling Road

Signal installation/ upgrade at Airline Drive Crosswalks

Construction of Airline Drive Medians from north of Mitchell Road to W. Gulf Bank Road

Foundations for Bus Shelters at Existing Stops at Mitchell Road and Louise Road

Pedestrian Signals at Mitchell Road and midblock crosswalks

Signal Upgrades at W Gulf Bank Road and Sweetwater Lane and W. Mount Houston and Sweetwater Lane

Roadway widening at W. Gulf Bank Road and Sweetwater Lane to accommodate left turn lanes eastbound and westbound

Landscaping along Airline Drive from E. Canino Road to W. Gulf Bank Road

Sunbelt Fresh Water District water line extension from W. Gulf Bank Road to Airline Drive for irrigation system along the median of Airline Drive

Projects started a few days before the groundbreaking ceremony and have a year to be completed, but the district would like to have it completed within 4-5 months.

This job has been the combination of multiple agencies such as Texas Department of Transportation, Houston-Galveston Area Council, Harris County, TSE Engineering, Airline Improvement District Board and state and federal officials.