‘Barks’ in the Park at East Aldine

Some of the participants and trainer Teri Mercantante

NORTHEAST– Barking dogs were heard at “Paws in the Park” at Keith Wiess Park last Saturday during the East Aldine District dog training class.

This was a free program where Teri Mercantante, dog trainer, gave some tips to dog owners about responsible pet ownership, canine health, dog behavior and safety and nutrition.

Dog trainer Mercantante explained that dogs bark to get attention or when they are bored. If you keep telling the dog to sit down when he is barking, you are giving him attention and he may not obey your instructions. She also recommends do not let the dog loose on your yard when nobody is at the home because he [the dog] can get bored and start barking which can annoy neighbors and that could have consequences or he can also dig and destroy your flowers and yard.

She also explained that dark chocolate could be poisonous for dogs; even more for small dogs. Dogs also repeat behavior when they get something pleasant, so she recommends to give a small reward such as a small piece of hot dogs when he behaves good and obeys. Other recommendations include to take your dog at least once a year to the vet for regular check up.