Funeral for Gomez, as more details emerge

Jackie Gomez

ALDINE – Funeral services were held for Jacqueline Gomez at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, Lauder Road, on Friday. The 17 year-old MacArthur High School senior, Jackie Gomez, was found dead Saturday, May 17, in a hotel room by her boyfriend after her prom night.

Harris County medical examiner said nobody can be certain how Gomez died until autopsy results are completed. While authorities await for autopsy results, text messages have been reported by media sources, between a friend of Gomez’s and her date recount reactions.

Gomez’s date: “I woke up. I tried waking her but she wouldn’t….I was screaming and crying telling her to wake up. But she didn’t. She didn’t”, the text message is ended with faces with tears. He said she appeared “perfectly fine and happy” when they left the night of the prom and that she also looked happy when they went to sleep.

Allegedly he told authorities they had some alcohol, but also said in a text message sent to Gomez’s friend that she had also taken some painkiller pills, possibly hydrocodone. He denied knowing where shegot the prescription drug and texted “I should took them away and flushed them (face in tears). I miss my girl.”

When he was asked how many pills did Gomez take, he replied, “I have no clue.”

Family and friends of Gomez said they never saw her take or talk about drugs.

According to her date, they did not drink alcohol until they got to the room, but Gomez’s friend said earlier she noticed her eyes low, as if she was dizzy at the time they left the prom in the hotel.

Last Monday afternoon, May 19, friends and Kroger’s co-workers held a fundraiser outside the store where Gomez worked to help raise money for her funeral.

Authorities said her body had no signs of injury, after Monday’s autopsy but more tests are still pending.

Aldine ISD is assisting Houston police with the investigation. MacArthur students are getting help from counselors.