Harris County will rebuild part of Aldine Mail


NORTHEAST – Plans have been revealed for reconstruction of the west end of Aldine Mail Route, from Burtcliff west to Airline Drive.

Harris County Public Infrastructure Department is currently advertising for bids, due on February 8th, for reconstruction of Aldine Mail Route Road and surrounding roadways.

The plans accompanying the bid documents, prepared by Quadrant Consultants, Inc. show road and utility improvements.

Aldine Mail Route is two lanes in one direction westbound, from Lillja to Airline. Hawkins Street, which has been a dead end, is now shown connected to Aldine Mail Route at Lillja, and will be two lanes carrying eastbound traffic. Thus a pair of one-way roads will carry the traffic, with two new connector streets.

These connector streets, two lane carrying traffic north and south, are named Aldine Heights, and Hawkins Heights. The project includes procuring land at the end of Hawkins Street, so that the news eastbound connection to Aldine Mail Route can be made.

Harris County Purchasing Department lists the value of the project at $5 million dollars, subject to final bids. Construction will start this year.