Guard fatally shoots unruly customer on Aldine Bender

This Conoco Gas Station

NORTHEAST – A customer who became unruly after allegedly attempting to steal money from the Conoco gas station at 5600 Aldine Bender Road, got into a physical fight with a security guard, who eventually shot and killed the customer in the midst of a melee.

The trouble started when the customer, who has not been identified by the Sheriff’s office, argued with store clerks that they had not charged him properly with a purchase. The customer then tried to open a cash register and reached for money inside.

When the armed security guard tried to intervene, asking him to leave the store, the man became violent, fighting the guard to the ground.

The fight continued with the customer punching the guard, who finally was able to get his gun and fire at the man. He shot five times, according to authorities, and hit the man once, fatally. HCSO is investigating.