Huge Fire at Pallet company

Guy’s Pallet business caught fire Saturday morning

A smokey, stubborn fire at a pallet storage yard on Mooney near the Eastex Freeway burned intensely for over 5 hours, and even 10 hours after it started fire departments were on hand distinguishing hot spots.

Guy’s Pallet Company has been open for about a year, according to the owner, Esbeydi Cedilla. Destroyed in the fire were stacks of pallets some over 50 feet high, a trailer home on the property, and some 17 cars, two trailers, and a motorcycle at a car sales lot next door.

The two alarm fire started around 1:30 a.m., and was fought by multiple fire companies, including Aldine, Eastex, Spring, and Houston. Firefighters discovered that a nearby hydrant was not working, and had to haul water by tankers to a dump tank, to have adequate water. They also ran hose about a mile to a working hydrant near the Eastex Freeway.

The storage yard has propane tanks, and 10,000 wooden pallets that were in the fire. They also lost trucks and forklifts, according to Cedilla, and the loss was not insured.