NCI Quilt displays Aldine’s Visions

The Community members in Aldine gather beside their “Quilt of Visions” which was the culmination of several workshops earlier in the year

ALDINE – Neighborhood Centers Inc. hosted the wrap-up session of their “Visioning” project last Thursday night. About 50 people attended the event held at the offices of the East Aldine District.

Most of the people attending had earlier in the year participated in workshops, expressing the goals and visions for the future of the Aldine community.

Bo Fraga of NCI was the moderator, and explained how the group had organized around four visions statements, in an effort to guide and accomplish change in the Aldine community. The workshops had summarized the vision statements in four categories:

One, Aldine residents have Pride in the Community, shown by Celebrations and a future Museum. An example was the high ratings for MacArthur High School, nationally the Best HS in 2013; Maria Avila presented this vision.

Two, Aldine is a place to Nurture Families, and Empower all People. An example was Voter Registration, and a voting machine in the room; Avian Molina, Naomi Worsham, and Coco Martinez presented their vision.

Three, Aldine is a good place for Healthy Living & Wellness. The group passed out apples and green bean seeds as encouragement. They cited Keith Wiess Park as a good recreation resource. They suggested the need for a new hospital in the area; Bruce Young and Gray Lewis presented the vision.

Four, Aldine is a good place to establish a bond between Businesses and the Community. The group suggested starting a new Chamber of Commerce for small businesses. Felipe Avila and Raudel Macias presented the vision.

The quilt had 50 squares that were drawn or sewn by members of the community, each expressing a hope or vision in one of the four categories.

The quilt was put together with the help of many sewers, under the direction of Alma deAlejandro, and Alexis Ramirez.

Each of the individual groups plans to meet again, to keep momentum going on their goals. If you want to partipate, or need more information, contact Jose Rivera at 832-819-7118 or Richard Cantu at 713-595-1232.