ITT students get help from LSC and HCC

HOUSTON – ITT Tech announced the permanent closing of all its campuses including Houston locations last Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2016.

The profit-chain company, blames the shutdown on the U.S. Education Department for prohibiting ITT from enrolling new students who use financial aid to pay for classes.

Lone Star College (LSC) and Houston Community College (HCC) have advisors available to help current and recent ITT students.

Last friday, LSC-North Harris hosted an ITT Technical Institute Transition Fair to provide help regarding registration, articulation, financial aid and other options.

Students who missed the fair, could go to for more information.

Houston Community College also has a link specifically for ITT students as its website says:

HCC is here to help ITT Tech students, faculty and staff

“HCC staff is working diligently to accommodate those ITT Tech students who are reaching out to HCC with questions about transferring to HCC. HCC advisors and financial aid staff are available to assist with any questions you may have regarding course transfer, financial aid and career advising. In order to better assist you, please visit”

Reaction of local leaders

Congressman Gene Green (TX-29) released the following statement in response to ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ITT) announcing that it is closing all of its ITT campuses, including three in the Houston area.

“My biggest concern is for the nearly 1,600 current students in Houston and Harris County whose futures are immediately impacted by ITT Educational Services, Inc.’s (ITT) decision to not take corrective actions and instead close. The closure came amid increasingly heightened financial oversight measures put in place by the Department of Education over the past two years due to significant concerns about ITT’s administrative capacity, organizational integrity, financial viability, and ability to serve students. It was ITT’s business decisions that put its students and millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal student aid at risk.

“The majority of ITT students come from humble backgrounds and invest thousands of dollars in their education for a better future for themselves and their families. It is the job of Congress and the Department of Education to honor these students’ hard work and safeguard their financial commitment to their education. Most immediately, students have two basic options to choose between: 1. apply for a discharge or 2. transfer schools.

“Whatever students choose to do, it is my hope that they do not give up on their education. Restarting or continuing one’s education at a high-quality, reputable institution may feel like a setback today, but it is a decision that will pay off in the long run.”