Houston Northeast CDC -Town Hall brings resources to community

Pastor David L. Smith

NORTHEAST – A Town Hall meeting was held last Thursday, Nov. 3 at the Berry Elementary School. Sponsoring the meeting was Congressman Gene Green, and Pastor David Smith of the Houston Northeast CDC (Community Development Corporation).

The meeting was well attended by the public, a large number of officials, and various departments of the city and county.

In addition to Congressman Green, others were HISD Trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones, Principal Armando Lujan, Juliet Stipeche education director of the Mayor’s office, State Representative Armando Walle, Councilwoman Karla Cisneros, and Derek Darnell from State Senator Sylvia Garcia’s office.

The purpose of the meeting was to promote partnerships within the Jensen/Eastex area between public officials, residents, and local businesses. Pastor Smith explained that the Jensen Jubilee project is to promote sustainable revitalization through residential, commercial and economic development, historic preservation and the empowerment of the neighborhoods. The Town Hall was meant to display the resources available to residents and the community.

Councilmember Cisneros presented an overview of the departments in the City, and also an update of the CIP or Capital Improvement Projects. She mentioned a number of water and drainage projects underway in District H.

One of the city departments with the most interaction with residents is the 3-1-1 Call Center. Its director, Isiah Monroe, explained how it worked and what services it offers.

Sunbeam Curry Civic Club president Lois Lewis spoke about the projects her group is undertaking.

Anibeth Turcios and Rebecca Reyna spoke about activities of the Greather Northside Management District, including a tire collection scheduled for Nov. 16.

After the meeting about 15 city departments had information booths available in an adjoining hallway, for attendees to get further information.