New Name Highlights Location, Structure for a North Houston Management District

On the heels of celebrating its 25th anniversary, the management district serving the community at the intersection of Interstate 45 and the North Sam Houston Parkway has changed its name to better reflect the area’s location and composition. The Greenspoint District is now the North Houston District.

“Our new name reflects a change that is already naturally occurring in the market,” said Greg Simpson, District president. “Many of our businesses strongly identify with a north Houston location, with some even using it as part of an official name. Our companies recognize the advantages of a close proximity to the airport and a central location between other activity centers like downtown and The Woodlands,” Simpson added.

Being located at the intersection of two major freeways, the North Houston District promotes access to the greater Houston region as one of its major selling points. However, those freeways divide the community into quadrants that are developing differently.

“When people think of this area, they typically focus on our northeast quadrant that includes Greenspoint Mall and some of our Class A office space,” said Bart Baker, the District’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “But developments in our southwest quadrant, like the announcement of a new Amazon facility in Pinto Business Park, weren’t associated with our community. Since our new name is tied to our overall location and not a property, it will facilitate talking about development and activity throughout our entire service area, not just one section,” Baker said.

After joining the organization in August 2015, Simpson restructured the Greenspoint District team to clarify the focus and goals of the organization moving forward. Now in his second year, he continues to position the organization to support the growth and address the challenges of its transitioning service area.

“This community has undergone many changes over the past 25 years, and this organization has always stood ready to put in the work and build partnerships that have resulted in projects and improvements for the area,” Simpson continued. “Our commitment remains the same and we feel our new name allows us to better share with others what we are today. Even our new logo was designed with the symbolism of our location and quadrants in mind,” said Simpson.

North Houston District staff can still be reached at the same phone number and physical address. The domain for emails and the Web site has changed to Connect with the District on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the latest news.