Trustee Rick Ogden resigns from Board

Aldine ISD Trustee Rick Ogden announced his resignation from the Aldine ISD Board of Education. The announcement came during the Board’s Nov. 15 meeting.

Mr. Ogden and his wife Charlotte are moving out of the district.

Mr. Ogden, who currently serves as vice-president, has served on the Board for 26 years. He was appointed in August 1990 to fill the unexpired term of Walter Stovall. He was elected to that position in January 1991. Prior to becoming a trustee, he served on the district’s Project 2000 Committee.

Mr. Ogden has held all four Board offices and chaired numerous committees. A 1992 member of Leadership Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), Mr. Ogden earned the title Master Trustee. In addition to serving on the school board, Mr. Ogden has served as a director of TASB and was that group’s president in 2002-03.

He has held all offices in TASB and served as the manager of the TASB Risk Management Fund Board as well as a trainer for The Center For the Reform of School Systems (CRSS). Mr. Ogden is a native Houstonian, a 33-year resident of Aldine and has four children who are all graduates of Aldine High School.

Mr. Ogden is the longest-serving member of the Board of Trustees with his 26 years of service.

“It has been my privilege to serve Aldine ISD as part of the team of “eight” for more than 26 years,” Mr. Ogden said. “In addition to current board members, my fondest memories are centered in working with fellow trustees who worked together to create the best possible education environment for our students, administration, staff and support staff.

“Three superintendents with whom I shared a journey of student-centered focus – Mr. M.B. “Sonny” Donaldson, Mrs. Nadine Kujawa and Dr. Wanda Bamberg, as well as Deputy Superintendent Dr. Archie Blanson, made my job as a board member not only memorable but joyous. These incredible education professionals, supported by a stellar cabinet and numerous educators and teachers, helped to make Aldine a district of distinction as well as a model for other school districts to follow.”

Board President Rose Avalos spoke on behalf of the Board and thanked Mr. Ogden for his service over the last 26 years.

“Rick Ogden’s leadership initiated the Aldine ISD school boards’ true involvement at the state level,” Ms. Avalos said. “His experience has been invaluable to so many of us. His commitment and loyalty as an Aldine school board Trustee has enhanced our advocacy efforts for all students.”

Superintendent Dr. Wanda Bamberg also thanked Mr. Ogden for his leadership.

“I want to thank Mr. Ogden for his dedicated service to our district over the last 26 years. He has been a valuable member of our team and we will miss his leadership and guidance,” said. Dr. Bamberg. “We wish him and Charlotte the best as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. Mr. Ogden is not only well respected in Aldine and by his fellow board members, but across the state for his service to TASB.”

Mr. Ogden’s resignation means the Board will need to find a replacement for his position. The Board’s Selection Committee, consisting of Paul Shanklin, Dr. Viola M. Garcia and Steve Mead, will begin the process of screening applicants. It is the responsibility of the committee to interview potential Board members and make a recommendation to the full Board. The committee will generate a list from the names of individuals previously provided by the community, Board members, the superintendent and other during the last vacancy created in 2014. The committee will also solicit recommendations for names of additional candidates.

Mr. Ogden will remain as a participating member of the Board as a “holdover” until his replacement is found. Mr. Ogden’s term is up in November 2017. The person chosen for his position will run in the next election.