Crime Stoppers Helping You Stay Safe

Crime Stoppers of Houston is here for the community on an everyday basis and is ready to step up for our community in times of natural disaster. While none understood the impact Harvey would have, we at Crime Stoppers were concerned with the criminal activity that might result as a consequence.

In the chaotic days after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in late August, looting became a major concern for our city.

Unfortunately, criminals are more than willing to take advantage of the frightening situation after a major storm and of those that have lost everything.

While we recognized that our law enforcement partners would be busy monitoring rising waters, assisting with street closures, performing evacuations/water rescues and more, we immediately knew we had to step in to help. We needed to do everything we could to educate our community on how to stay safe during this time of crisis.

Since then, the team at Crime Stoppers has been…

• reminding everyone to keep calling our Tip Line at 713-222-TIPS-(8477) with anonymous tips

• active on social media, disseminating safety tips as they relate to hurricane preparation, looting, safe social media posting, scams, resources for victims of domestic and child abuse during a national disaster, volunteer opportunities – click here to read these safety tips!

• sharing notices from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office that Houston looters will face more time for crimes committed in disaster areas

• tracking social media posts involving looters and sharing that information with the community and the proper law enforcement agencies

• fielding calls from the community asking what to do, reports of looting, questions on how to report crime cases

• working with Andy Kahan in the Mayor’s Crime Victims Assistance Office to set up a website featuring Harvey criminals

Additionally, our Tip Line has been extremely active during this time, receiving many tips on crimes happening in the community after Harvey. Since August 26, we have received:

• 122 tips (as of 9/7/17)

• 66 related to looting

• 56 other tips including animal cruelty, gangs, price gauging, and more

As we continue to rebuild our communities, we remain committed to serving you and will continue to hold a strong presence in the media to offer safety resources to all who call Houston and surrounding areas home.

Your safety has always been our primary focus, and Harvey did not stop that. We invite you to continue to visit our website and follow us on social media for additional public safety resources we plan to share as we move forward.