ASTROnomical! City celebrates World Series Win


Houston went wild last Wednesday night, when the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 7th and final game of the World Series, winning 5-1.

To fully enjoy the victory, the city shut down on Friday and held a parade through the city streets, culminating in a presentation and speeches of accolades on the steps of Houston City Hall. Police Chief Art Acevedo estimated that over 500,000, and perhaps as many as 1 million persons lined the streets as the Astros team, riding fire trucks, went down the parade route. The Houston ISD school district cancelled all classes on Friday, and students went to the parade.

The series itself set or tied many records, including longest game (5-1/2 hours in a slugfest in the fifth game) and most home runs (25) in a series. Everyone agreed it was one of the most exciting and entertaining baseball playoffs in memory.

Both teams played outstanding baseball. The Dodgers had won 104 games in the regular season, and the Astros 101.

Astros George Springer was voted Most Valuable Player, hitting 5 home runs.

In the World Series, the teams split the first six games, alternating wins and heightening the drama. But the Astros prevailed in the final seventh game, with George Springer starting the scoring in the first inning, and the team leading throughout the next nine innings. The final 4 innings were pitched by Charlie Morton, holding the Dodgers to no runs after one earlier run.

Festivities continued after the final victory, with romance the theme. Shortstop Carlos Correa proposed to Daniella Rodriguez, 2016 Miss Texas USA, on camera. Ace pitcher Justin Verlander left for Italy to marry supermodel Kate Upton.

And three Astros, George Springer, Jose Altuve, and Alex Bregman participated in a skit shown on Saturday Night Live.

The Houston Astros were originally the Colt 45s when they started in 1962, and now after 55 years they finally appeared in the World Series and won.