East Aldine District: Report to the Community on the Town Center Construction Progress

Drone Aerial photo showing BakerRipley structural steel, and roadwork through the site. (Drone photo courtesy EV 1 Productions)

On-site construction of three of the major projects in the East Aldine Town Center has commenced, as shown in these photos. They include the BakerRipley complex, the Harris County 9-1-1 Call Center, and an access road and utilities through the site. Future construction will include the Lone Star College and Aldine ISD Early College, the East Aldine offices, commercial and shopping facilities, and outdoor landscaping features.

Drone Aerial photo showing BakerRipley structural steel, and roadwork through the site. (Drone photo courtesy EV 1 Productions)
BakerRipley steelwork as seen from Aldine Mail Route.

The Aldine Town Center is intended to reflect the needs and character of the East Aldine community. Moreover, it is an economic development catalyst designed to enhance the skill sets and business opportunities of area residents and to introduce a new standard in local commercial development.

Major features of the Town Center:
• Over $100 million in public and private investment.
• Roughly 300,000 sq. ft. of commercial and institutional space, including:
• 100,000 sq. ft. of commercial retail and office space.
• 80,000 sq. ft. Lone Star College East Aldine campus, including an early college high school.
• 50,000 sq. ft. of facilities for BakerRipley, including an innovative “maker space” to assist in skill and business support for the East Aldine community.
• Over 25,000 sq. ft. 9-1-1 call center for Harris County to replace the aging downtown facility.
• 25,000 sq. ft. new facility for the East Aldine District.
• An amphitheater and community green for 1,500 people.
• Stormwater detention that serves as a large scale passive green space.
• Splashpads and children’s play areas.
• Roadway and trail access to Keith-Wiess Park.

The East Aldine District has taken a multi-faceted approach toward economic development that includes regular outreach to local businesses and pursuit of new business. As a major component of that effort, in 2013 the district purchased 61 acres along Aldine Mail Route for development of a commercial and institutional core for the community.

Aerial view showing finished design of the BakerRipley complex, with the 9-1-1 Call Center in the background.
Plan of the Town Center shows all the buildings and landscape features planned for the site.