Castlewood Civic Club ditch clean-up

Volunteer neighbors helped with ditch clean-up.

In a continued effort to recover from Hurricane Harvey and recent torrential rains, the Castlewood Civic Club, with the help of Precinct 2, launched a ditch clean-up on July 14, 2018.

Residents were asked to place tree limbs that had fallen in the ditch, leaves and other small debris into a trash bag and place it by their mailbox where a truck dispatched by Precinct 2 would pick it up.

Neighbors went out to help other neighbors in this effort as pictured above. The goal is to keep the culverts free of debris and provide a free water flow to avoid flooding by doing our part. Castlewood plans to this again periodically.

Castlewood Civic Club 2018 Board Elections

At the next quarterly meeting, on September 27, 2018, Castlewood Civic Club will elect a new board. All positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary will be voted on. Nominations will be accepted from the floor and voted on that evening.


– Must be a Castlewood resident (or home owner) of good standing in the community with sound, moral values;

– Should be 21 years of age;

– Will be a 2-year commitment;

– Be a civic minded individual with an interest in advancing the Castlewood community.

Consider volunteering or nominating someone you think meets the above qualifications. This is not a difficult post to fill, and to work together as a team is a gratifying accomplishment. They encourage all residents to do their part in making this happen.

This election is very important to the community. Every vote will count and Castlewood Civic Club News, is important so the Civic Club can continue to be strong in working to make the neighborhood a clean and safe environment to live in, work in and play in. Now is your opportunity to volunteer for a position or nominate someone.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the events that the current Board has done during their term in office. We can all continue to volunteer to assist and support the incoming Board.