East Aldine Public Safety June Report

The Committee received the following updates:

• The Pro-Active/DRT Unit for the month of June made 55 adult felony/misdemeanor arrest

• 32 felony/misdemeanor warrants

• 102 traffic citations

• 164 accident/offense/ supplement reports

• 2 sec offender compliance checks and

• 34 game room/smoke shop compliance checks

Sgt. Eric Stormer presented that robberies in the East Aldine Management District (EAMD) area had increased but patrol has been increased in the area as well. Nuisance Abatement Deputy David Peterson reported that some nuisance abatement cases pertaining to junk vehicles were address. Celena Vinson, Assistant County Attorney, reported that she has been working with the DRT Team to close game room and smoke shops in the area.

Sgt. Terry Garza reported that Harris County Sheriff’s Office Storefront is temporary located at the EAMD office, but a permanent location is still being looked into.