School District needs your help to keep students safe through the school year

Keep an Eye Out for Children and School Buses
Keep an Eye Out for Children and School Buses

The first day of school in Aldine ISD is Monday, Aug. 20. This is a reminder for drivers that they will be sharing the road with students and school buses.

District leaders encourage parents to go over safety rules with their children. They also encourage drivers to obey school zones and yield to buses.

Bus Safety Tips

• Yellow flashing lights mean drivers should slow down because the bus is about to make a stop.

• Red flashing lights mean the bus has stopped. All drivers must stop for buses while the red lights are flashing and the Stop sign is out. It is against the state law to pass a school bus with the red flashing lights on, loading or unloading children. If a roadway is divided, the opposite direction roadway may proceed with caution. Traffic behind the school bus traveling in the same direction MUST stop.

• The area 15 feet around a school bus is where children are in danger of being hit. Drivers should stop far enough back to allow children necessary space to safely enter or exit a bus. Never pass a stopped bus on the right that is loading or unloading. It is illegal and could have tragic consequences.

• Drivers should be patient. Buses travel at a slower rate and they make frequent stops.

• Drivers should stay alert. Be aware that children will be loading and unloading at bus stops. Children are unpredictable. Children walking to or from their bus are very comfortable with their surroundings. This makes them more likely to take risks, ignore hazards or fail to look both ways when crossing the street.

• Students should stay at a safe distance away from the roadway while waiting for the bus and no horseplay. Students should stay alert while waiting for the bus.

• Students should wait until the bus stops and the driver signals that it is safe to load the bus or cross the street.

• Students should respect the rights of others while riding the bus. They should cooperate with the driver and remain in their seat.

Distracted Driving

In 2017, the Texas Legislature passed a statewide ban on using a wireless communications device for electronic messaging while operating a motor vehicle. Texting, as well as reading or writing email, is prohibited while driving in Texas.

Many local areas have passed stricter ordinances which completely limit any cell phone use while driving, so it is the responsibility of drivers to learn the laws in their local areas.

The safest policy is to drive now and use your cell phone later. If you must make a phone call or send a text, pull over. Otherwise, wait until you reach your destination to use the phone.

Cell Phone Prohibitions

• Drivers cannot send or receive electronic messages in Texas.

• Drivers with learner’s permits are prohibited from using handheld cell phones in the first six months of driving.

• Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using wireless communications devices.

• School bus operators are prohibited from using cell phones while driving if children are present.

• In school zones, all drivers are prohibited from texting and using handheld devices while driving.

Remember, it only takes a split second for an accident to occur.

Stay alert, follow the rules and help keep our children safe!