BakerRipley Membership & Fee Information

By Leonardo Escalante, BakerRipley

What’s the cost?

• We have three different type of membership:

• Senior 65+ ($35 per year)

• Youth 16- ($35 per year)

• Family membership ($150 per year)

• Covers two adults in the household and all the kids under the age of 18

• For those that have United Healthcare or Community Health Choice medical plans, they qualify for a free family membership

What’s included?

• All classes, events, and workshops in the East Aldine Campus

• All classes, events, and workshops in any other BakerRipley Campus

• Exclusive membership events, like holiday parties, Halloween, Easter, birthday celebrations

• Discount on the rental of the space at any BakerRipley Campus for private events like, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

• Note: Services like monthly food fairs, health workshops, financial education workshops, annual Back to School event, community events, etc., are open to the public and no membership is required

Why does the membership have a cost?

• Increases level of engagement from community members as opposed to a free membership

• Its an investment made by community members that serves as their buy-in

What happens if a community member cannot afford the membership?

• We strive to ensure that the membership cost is not a barrier for community members

• In the given case that a community member is unable to cover the membership cost, we encourage them to come talk to us as there are different options that will allow the community member to obtain a free membership. For example, as mentioned, subsidized membership, and/ or sponsored membership.