Mayor and County Judge announce final round of Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund grants

HOUSTON – The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is disbursing its final round of grants for aid and services to local flood victims, bringing the total of distributed charitable donations to $113.6 million to assist about 190,000 households through 124 experienced and carefully selected non-profit organizations.

The fifth and final round of $3 million is going to 17 non-profits groups that will provide furniture, cash assistance and other basic needs and case management to qualified victims.

The Fund was established by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett in 2017 to provide immediate, medium and long-term disaster relief. It is administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

“The effects of Harvey will be felt for years to come,” added County Judge Ed Emmett. “These local nonprofit grantees have strong track records of supporting our communities. We’re confident that they can make a real difference in the longer term.”

“It’s been over a year since Harvey, but there is still work that needs to be done to help people get back on their feet,” Mayor Turner said. “This last round of funding strengthens our communities and supports recovery across the city.”

In preparation for this round of grant making, the Fund surveyed organizations based in the hardest hit communities to determine remaining needs. The Fund also reviewed published studies, and distributions by other charity funds, to ensure the final round has maximum effect.

“It was also important to review the progress of Round 3 and Round 4 grantees to identify challenges in service delivery and determine the support needed for Round 5 grant recommendations,” said Renee Wizig-Barrios, senior vice president and chief philanthropy officer at Greater Houston Community Foundation. “Using what we’ve learned, we were able to target our remaining resources to bring relief assistance to those who need it the most.”

Among the 17 nonprofits that received Round 5 funding, an advisory board approved grants to two that had not previously received HHRF grants: Angel By Nature and West Street Recovery. Grants were also distributed to the Home Preservation Fund to be administered by Avenue CDC, which helps homeowners whose home repairs are stalled because they were unable to make timely mortgage payments.

The Fund will continue to publish updates and report on grantee activities over the coming months.

More information can be found on Greater Houston Community Foundation’s website at