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Authorities caution against Celebratory Gunfire over Holiday

This official map released by the Sheriff’s department indicates areas with the most reports of gunfire in the last year with red dots. The green line indicates the East Aldine District boundary.

As the July 4th holiday approaches, the Harris County Sheriff’s office and the East Aldine District have cautioned residents against shooting guns as part of their celebration of the events.

Each year persons are injured by bullets that fly into the air, and then come down and hit someone. In the past, these injuries have ranged from minor to fatal, and often involve someone in the shooters group of friends or family.

This activity is against the law, and is subject to a $4000 fine and one year in jail, according to HCSO.

The department issued a map showing the locations with the most reports of gunfire over the last year. The worst locations were Aldine-Bender near Lee Road, High Meadows North and South subdivisions, and along the length of Hopper Road. Authorities said these will get extra patrols in the next three weeks.