Castlewood CC meets with County representatives

Castlewood Civic Club members at the meeting.
Castlewood Civic Club members at the meeting.

Precinct 2 Engineering Department held a meeting with Castlewood residents to provide an update on the Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin drainage and mitigation in the Castlewood neighborhood.

Engineers from Harris County and Flood Control were in attendance. Castlewood Civic Club President Connie Esparza welcomed all who attended and provided a brief update on the status of the sheet flow that would provide appropriate drainage to Castlewood and also referenced the Undine Consumer Confidence Report pertaining to the quality of drinking water. Ms. Selina Valdez, Constituent Services Liaison, addressed two important community concerns that included the procedure of reporting abandoned houses and pot holes.

All these concerns raised serious discussion from the residents. A plan was recommended and agreed upon on how to take bold action to address these issues.

Special thanks to the Westfield Fire Department, Assistant Chief Clint Loftin, for providing the facility.

Connie Esparza
Castlewood Civic Club