Aldine ISD names new principals for Ermel and Sammons Elementary Schools

Aldine ISD is pleased to announce that Erik Torres and Georgina Foroi have been selected as the new principals for Ermel Elementary and Sammons Elementary, respectively. Both will continue to fulfill their roles as assistant principals at their respective campuses, Goodman Elementary and Kujawa Primary, through the end of the year while transitioning to their new roles.

Foroi will ensure several tasks and projects are completed at Goodman Elementary before she leaves, while also meeting the teams at Sammons Elementary to develop plans for the 2020- 2021 school year. Torres will also begin working with his staff at Ermel.

Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney, Superintendent of Schools, stated, “Leadership matters. Both Georgina and Erik are amazing. Their experience, commitment to student success, understanding of how to support teachers, and their skills to build strong relationships, are evident in their work. These skills are crucial for effective change and improved outcomes. We are looking for these characteristics in leadership as we build on our strategic plan to ensure our students have access to high-quality schools and learning experiences.”

Foroi received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston-Downtown and her master’s degree in educational administration from Sam Houston State University.

Foroi began her educational career 15 years ago in Aldine ISD She started as a paraprofessional at Conley Elementary School. The following year, she joined the campus as a full-time fourth-grade bilingual teacher. In 2009, she began working as a bilingual skills specialist at Ermel Elementary and then at Johnson Elementary. In 2013, she became an assistant principal at the same campus before transitioning to Goodman Elementary School, serving in the same capacity.

Goodman Elementary is one of Aldine ISD’s two Accelerating Campus Excellence or ACE campuses. As part of the leadership team, she has received training in the best practices for school processes, procedures, implementation, and student monitoring to make schools better. The ACE model also includes building strong relationships with staff and families to establish a foundation for change and engagement.

“I will miss my Goodman Elementary family, but I am looking forward to the new challenge and my new family at Sammons Elementary,” said Foroi. “I will take my skills in strong leadership, effective teaching, and high expectations to build on the success at Sammons.”

Torres received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Phoenix and his masters’ degree in educational administration from Sam Houston State University.

Torres graduated from Eisenhower High School in 2001. He is very familiar with Ermel. It is the elementary school Torres attended as a student in Aldine. He began his career in education in 2010 as a fourth-grade bilingual teacher at Ermel Elementary.

In 2015, Torres advanced to skills specialist at Ermel before serving as the school’s assistant principal in 2016.

Torres most recently served as the assistant principal at Kujawa Primary School. A position he held since 2018. During the school’s reconfiguration, he was instrumental in implementing data-driven teaching strategies for the newly added kindergarten grade level.

Additionally, Torres serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston Downtown’s Urban Education Department. He works with future educators with a focus on how to teach the writing process and prepares them for the bilingual certification exam. “It’s like coming full circle,” said Torres. “I began my education as a student at Ermel Elementary, and now I will be leading it. I look forward to working with the staff in a new capacity. A strong basis that I have that aligns with the district’s strategic plan is in fulfilling the promise we as educators make to students: giving students the skills they need to succeed.”

Both Foroi and Torres will report directly to the chief of schools, Katy Roede, who is looking forward to working with them in their new positions.

“Georgina and Erik will be taking the helm of their campuses during an uncertain time as we deal with COVID-19 and begin to look at what the 2020-2021 school year will look like for our students,” said Roede. “But I know that they and every leader and educator is committed to offering high-quality instructional opportunities and ensuring that resources and supports are in place to give every student an equitable education.”