Insurrection at the U. S. Capitol A Teachable Moment

Dear Aldine Community,

Yesterday’s events in our nation’s Capitol and its images left many of us speechless. It seemed surreal to see mayhem, riots, and horrifying unrest unfold.

These events have created confusion, hurt, fear, disappointment, and even anger, no matter your political beliefs. January 6 will be a day we collectively remember as a sad day in history. What happened is unacceptable.

It is fitting that my word for 2021 is Forward. While I believe in the importance of reflection, we cannot get stuck reliving the past. We have to look to the future with hope and move forward.

That said, we must learn from what took place at the Capitol yesterday. It is a teachable moment. Democracy and civility are fundamental to our nation’s success. These are values we must instill in our children to ensure they are preserved in future generations. Hate and violence have no place in our American democracy.

I still believe in the words “United we stand, divided we fall.” We need each other to navigate through volatile times. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can do better and move forward.

Aldine ISD remains committed to teaching our students to understand the importance of being informed and engaged members of society. Throughout their academic journey, they will learn to value facts, honor truth, and respect differences. They will learn about the freedoms — the right to vote and exercise the democratic process — that make this country great. They will also be taught to challenge inequities and value diversity. They will have experiences that help them understand the importance of leadership and the consequences — good and bad — that come along with that responsibility.

Leadership matters. The students in our classrooms are our future leaders, and we are responsible for how we shape their hearts and minds. How we treat each other matters. Let’s do better together!

We are committed to creating a culture of belonging for all students and families. The recent events at the U.S. Capitol have shown our country — including our children — that violence and hatred can and do exist in our democracy. We offer these resources as a way to talk about what is happening in our country — from the most inspiring demonstrations of democracy to the most shameful displays of racism — in hopes that the world’s future leaders will take away lessons on how to build an even brighter future for our communities.

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In Solidarity,
Dr. LaTonya Goffney