Woman survives brain bleed thanks to Emergency Corps

Pauline Cras recovers from a Brain Bleed and Heart Attack in the hospital. (HCEC photo)

Pauline Cras Survived a Brain Bleed and Heart Attack

On February 22, at 2:00pm at Harris County Emergency Corps (2800 Aldine Bender, Houston), Pauline Cras will meet the healthcare heroes who saved her life following a brain bleed and cardiac arrest.

Pauline Cras today,
recovered from medical

For 27 year old Pauline Cras, she is considered miracle by her family and many healthcare workers. Pauline and her family were not given a chance for survival. For five weeks, she was in a coma with a brain drain, breathing tube and feeding tube. Physicians found a 4mm aneurysm and drilled a hole in her skull to release pressure.

Philippe Cras, Pauline’s father, credits Harris County Emergency Corps (HCEC) for saving her life on September 21, 2020.

“Doctors were saying Pauline had 0% chance of survival,” said Philippe Cras. “But her mother kept saying she was going to live.”

She woke up in early November. She arrived home in time for Christmas. She is starting to look like herself again.

Cras said, “First we prayed for total peace and now we pray for total healing. She was given a second chance, and she is asking frequently if she can meet the people who saved her.”

Every day, “our teams commit to providing the highest quality pre-hospital care,” said Jeremy Hyde, CEO and President at HCEC. “I am thankful we were able to make a difference in their family.”

HCEC’s dispatcher and call-taker were Amy Schmidt and Shemekia Turner, and the HCEC EMS Crew who responded were Isiah Black and Gabriela Barrios. Eastext Fire Department personnel who responded were Nicole Nelson and Brian Munoz. Pauline Cras will get to meet all of these people.

About Harris County Emergency Corps

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