County Budget standoff moving toward resolution

Hidalgo to meet with Republican opposition

Harris County, TX – October 14, 2022, Judge Lina Hidalgo today announced that she is calling a special meeting of Commissioners Court for Monday, October 17, with the goal of reaching a consensus regarding Harris County’s budget and tax rate cut.

Judge Hidalgo issued the following statement regarding her intention to hold a special meeting:

“As part of my continued efforts to pass a responsible budget that provides funding for public safety and other critical services, and given that commissioners have now made public compromise proposals, I am calling a special meeting so that all Commissioners Court members may come together and reach a consensus.

The goal for Monday’s meeting is for the members of court to agree on a specific tax rate decrease so that we can post a meeting for a later date in which we vote to actually adopt the proposed tax rate decrease. I would like to encourage as many residents as possible to join us and express their views about the compromise budget.

I look forward to a productive discussion on Monday.”